Real estate development is a complex, costly undertaking not matter the municipality. Haywood Group has the experience, expertise and relationships to successfully guide your real estate development project through the maze of federal, state and local approval process. Haywood Group principal Kalan Haywood has over 15 years of real estate development experience. He has successfully managed projects in Indiana, Michigan, Oklahoma and throughout southeastern Wisconsin.

Here is a sample of real estate development services Haywood Group can offer to your company.

Deal Structuring - Haywood Group’s strongest skill set is the ability to identify, procure, structure and package investment opportunities. Haywood Group make investments that may be wholly-owned or part of a join-venture.

Investment Strategies - Haywood Group seeks to maximize its return, whether it be from a capitol or value-add standpoint. Haywood Group make equity real estate, short term debt, long term debt, and mezzanine debt. Haywood Group offers fund investment opportunities offered to procure, acquire or develop real estate assets.

Equity Structuring - Haywood Group is an expert in utilizing atypical resources to bring the highest net value to deals. Haywood Group utilizes a combination of conventional financing, new market tax credits, historic tax credits, low income housing tax credits, tax incremental financing among others.

Entitlement - Haywood Group has significant in matters that involve land use planning, site control, site assembly, acquisition, easements and government relations.